Chocolates and Confectionery

LuvIt brings to you a wide range of chocolates and confectionary that take you to a heavenly chocolate abode. At LuvIt, we believe that chocolate is an indulgence no one should have to wait for. Enjoy a delicious chocolate experience with every bite of a LuvIt product. Our offerings range from premium Belgian chocolate, milk and dark chocolates, chocolate enrobed wafers, lollipops, eclairs, candies and bite sized pops in chocolate coating. We also have a baking range with chocolate slabs, cocoa powder and Choco chips. Additionally, we offer a delectable Cocoa spread that is perfect for spreading on toast, pancakes, or adding to your favorite smoothies or other recipes.

Premium Belgian chocolates, hand-crafted with the finest ingredients for exotic and unforgettable chocolate experience. Discover a variety of delectable flavors and indulge in pure chocolate bliss.

Smooth and incredible luscious chocolates for a decadent melt-in-mouth experience. Comes in a unique tear drop shape. Available in 3 different variants.

An irresistibly smooth & rich chocolate range from the house of LuvIt. Available in 3 different variants.

Enjoy crunchy wafers draped in delicious chocolate. This is definitely a delight for chocolate lovers! Comes in two variants - White and Brown chocolate.

Mouth-watering layers of caramel and nougat covered in tempting chocolate.

Crunchy fun biscuit center which make for delicious munchies. Bite sized poppers which are fun to eat or decorate on desserts or bakes.

Button-shaped pops in a rainbow of vibrant colours with a delicious chocolaty center. These pops work as munchies or even as toppings for cakes, cookies and pastries.

Bite-sized chocolate coated balls with crunchy rice crispies inside. Serves as a delightful and fun chocolate snack which comes in convenient small packs for snacking on-the-go.

Soft and rich eclairs that offer a burst of chocolaty goodness with every bite. The only éclair in India that comes in exotic flavours like hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Lip-smacking lollipops in multiple flavours across chocolate & fruit variants.

Mouthwatering dual candy combination– the caramel-chocolate combo for the double dribble and the Kachha-Pucca Aam combo for the real fruit experience.

Perfect for gifting on birthdays, Diwali, Raksha-Bandhan, Valentine’s day or other festival, celebration or special occasion. Goodies is an assortment of select chocolates and confectionery from the house of LuvIt.

Made with the best quality cocoa for a mouthwatering chocolaty taste. Perfect for spreading on toast, pancakes, roti, dosa or adding to smoothies or other recipes. Available in 3 variants.

Natural & best quality unsweetened Cocoa powder to give a rich chocolaty taste. Make amazing drinks like Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Shakes, Smoothies and many more.

Gluten-free and preservative-free chocolate slabs, perfect for baking & making delectable desserts, chocolates and cakes.

Chips of rich dark chocolate that can be used for baking cookies, biscuits and various other similar needs. These can also be used as decoration for cakes, in ice creams and milk shakes.